Issued by:
Corporate Head Office
Airside Business Park
Co Dublin

Effective Date: 08th May 2018

Article 1 – Definitions

We”, “our”, “ourselves” and “us” means Ryanair DAC of Corporate Head Office, Airside Business Park,  Swords, Co Dublin , Ireland.

“You”, “your” and “yourself” means any person, except members of the crew, whom we have agreed to carry on a flight bearing our Airline Designator Code. (See also definition for “Passenger”).

“AIRLINE DESIGNATOR CODE” means either the two letter code ‘FR’ or the three letter code ‘RYR’  which identify us as an air carrier.

“BAGGAGE” means your personal property accompanying you in connection with your flight. Unless otherwise specified, it consists of both your Checked and Unchecked Baggage.

“BAGGAGE IDENTIFICATION TAG” means a document issued solely for identification of your Checked Baggage.

“BOARDING PASS” means the on-line document entitled “Boarding Pass” printed out by you or on your behalf prior to each flight or such alternative format which may be issued by ourselves or our handling agents at an airport served by us.

“CHECK-IN DEADLINE” means the time limits specified by us by which time you must have obtained your Boarding Pass and, where applicable, completed any visa/document checks, paid any Checked Baggage fees and/or excess baggage charges and deposited your Checked Baggage at a Bag-Drop.

“CHECKED BAGGAGE” means Baggage of which we take custody and for which we have issued a Baggage Identification Tag.

“CONFIRMATION/ITINERARY” means our website frame headed “Itinerary” setting out a “Flight Reservation Number” and showing “Status: Confirmed” and/or the document headed “Ryanair Travel Itinerary” as sent to the e-mail address used in your booking, in both cases specifying  passenger name(s), flights, dates, timings and routes of the flights you have booked with us.

“CONVENTION” means the Montreal Convention 1999.

“DAMAGE” includes death, wounding, or bodily injury to a Passenger or loss, partial loss, theft or other damage to baggage, arising out of or in connection with carriage or other services incidental thereto performed by us.

“REGULATIONS” mean those regulations as set out in the document captioned “Ryanair Regulations on Specific Subjects” from time to time in force (click here).

“PASSENGER” means a person whom we have agreed to carry on a flight, as identified by means of the issue of a Confirmation/Itinerary (See also definition of “you”, “your” and “yourself”).

“SDR” means a Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund. (The current value of this currency unit may be found in the financial pages of major newspapers.)

“UNCHECKED BAGGAGE” means any of your Baggage other than Checked Baggage.

Article 2 – Applicability, choice of law and jurisdiction

2.1 General

Except as provided in Articles 2.2 and 2.3, these Terms & Conditions of Carriage apply only on those flights, or flight segments, where our name or Airline Designator Code is indicated on the Confirmation/Itinerary for that flight or flight segment.

2.2 Overriding law

2.2.1These Terms & Conditions of Carriage are applicable unless they are inconsistent with applicable law in which event such law shall prevail.

2.2.2 If any provision of these Terms & Conditions of Carriage is invalid under any applicable law, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain valid to the extent that the remaining provisions are capable of standing without the provision ruled invalid.

2.3 Terms & conditions prevail over regulations


In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms & Conditions of Carriage and our Regulations, these Terms & Conditions of Carriage shall prevail.

2.4 Governing law and jurisdiction


Except as otherwise provided by the Convention or applicable law, your contract of carriage with us, these Terms & Conditions of Carriage and our Regulations shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

Article 3 – Reservations and documentation

3.1 General provisions

3.1.1  We will provide carriage only to the Passenger(s) named on the relevant Confirmation/Itinerary.  We will require you to prove your identity and otherwise comply with our Regulations concerning documentation.

3.1.2 Flight bookings made through one of our reservations centres are subject to a Call Centre Booking Fee and is payable at the level set out in our Table of Fees. Except as provided for in Article 10.2 or 10.3 below, this fee is non-refundable.

3.1.3 An infant fee is charged in respect of all infants under 24 months old who are not permitted for safety reasons to occupy a seat. Infants must be under 24 months old at the time of  both outbound and return flights. This fee is payable on a per person/ per one-way flight basis at the level set out in our Table of Fees. Except as provided for in Article 10.2 or 10.3 below, this fee is non-refundable.

3.1.4 A reservation made for a flight operated by us is not transferable unless, in accordance with our regulations, you have arranged with us to change one or more names on the Confirmation/Itinerary and paid the applicable name change fee(s).  (click here for Regulations concerning Flight and Name Changes).

3.1.5 A reservation made for a flight operated by us is valid only for the flight(s), date(s) and route specified on the Confirmation/Itinerary and cannot be used with any other carrier.  However, flights may be changed in accordance with our regulations subject to payment of the applicable flight change fee(s) plus any difference in price between the total amount originally paid and the total amount due for the new booking that may be available at the time. (click here for Regulations concerning Flight and Name Changes).

3.2 Our name and address

Our name may be abbreviated to our Airline Designator Code, or otherwise as shown on the Confirmation/Itinerary.  Our address is Corporate Head Office, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

3.3 Contact

3.3.1 Contact will be made with Passengers via the e-mail address, and occasionally by text message to the mobile number, as provided at the time of making the reservation in respect of schedule change(s), flight cancellation or general correspondence. Evidence of dispatch of the text message/e-mail will be deemed to be evidence of receipt.

3.3.2 If you have not provided us with a valid e-mail address, you should re-check your outward/return flight timings via the “Manage My Booking” facility on or with one of our call centres between 24 and 72 hours prior to scheduled time of departure.

3.3.3 Any complaints or claims will be accepted by mail, fax or by using the applicable online claim forms found on Unless otherwise specifically requested, you are advised to submit copies of any documents only, as documents will not be retained or returned.

3.4 Personal data

You recognise that personal data has been given to us for the purposes of: making a reservation, obtaining ancillary services such as hotel reservations and car rental, developing and providing services such as special facilities for persons with reduced mobility, facilitating immigration and entry procedures and making available such data to government agencies, in connection with your travel.  For these purposes you authorise us to retain and use such data and to transmit it to our own offices, government agencies or the providers of the above mentioned services.  Your personal data will not be used for marketing activities without your prior permission.

Article 4 – Fares, taxes, fees and charges

4.1 Fares

Fares apply only for carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination, unless otherwise expressly stated. Fares do not include ground transport service between airports and between airports and town terminals. Your fare will be calculated in accordance with our tariffs in effect on the date of payment for travel on the specific dates and itinerary shown on it. Should you change your itinerary or dates of travel, this may impact the amount to be paid.

4.2 Taxes, fees & charges

4.2.1 Airport passenger service charges, security levies, government taxes (including but not limited to United Kingdom Air Passenger Duty) and any fees levied by ourselves for a specific service in respect of a flight to be operated by us and undertaken by you shall be payable by you at the levels prevailing at the time you make your reservation.

If you do not travel, you may apply in writing within one month for a full refund of government taxes paid subject to the Government Tax Refund Administration Fee at the level set out in our Table of Fees.   All other monies paid are non-refundable.

4.2.2 Taxes, fees and charges imposed on air travel are constantly changing and can be imposed after the date that your reservation has been made. If any such tax, fee or charge is introduced or increased after your reservation has been made you will be obliged to pay it (or any increase) prior to departure. Alternatively, you can choose not to travel and a full refund will be processed. Similarly, if any such tax, fee or charge is abolished or reduced such that it no longer applies to you, or a lesser amount is due, you will be entitled to claim a refund of the difference from us.

4.3 Currency

Fares, taxes, fees and charges are payable in the currency of the country of origin of travel unless another currency is indicated by us at or before the time payment is made, for example, because of the non-convertibility of the local currency. We may at our discretion, accept payment in another currency.

Ryanair guarantees the currency exchange rate at the time of booking the ticket. This exchange rate will not change. If you do not choose Ryanair’s currency exchange rate you may  be exposed to negative currency fluctuations between the time you make your booking and when your card issuing bank converts the transaction, as in most cases the currency conversion occurs a number of days after the date of booking the booking.

4.4 Value added tax (‘VAT)

No VAT applies to fares or fees relating to international journey.  However, prices shown for fares and related fees are subject to VAT on Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Greek Romanian domestic routes at applicable government rates. A VAT receipt will be automatically forwarded for all such domestic flight bookings.

Article 5 – Special assistance

5.1 Without prejudice to Article 5.2, passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility are not refused carriage on the basis of such disability or reduced mobility.  Acceptance for carriage of young persons travelling alone, incapacitated persons, pregnant women, persons with illness, blind or visually impaired passengers or other people requiring special assistance is subject to specific prior arrangement with us pursuant to our Regulations. (click here for Regulations concerning  these subjects).

5.2 Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility or their representative should contact us with  details of any special assistance needs they may have on the day of booking or as soon as such needs become known but at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to travel.  We will then make all reasonable efforts to verify whether there is a reason which is justified on the grounds of safety which would prevent such Passenger being accommodated on the flight(s) concerned and, if so, make reasonable efforts to propose an acceptable alternative. In accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2006 we may refuse, on the grounds of disability or of reduced mobility to embark a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility only in order to meet applicable safety requirements or if the size of the aircraft or its doors makes the embarkation or carriage of that disabled person or person with reduced mobility physically impossible.  Once any special assistance and needs have been accepted by us, we will provide embarkation and in-flight assistance in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2006 , and a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility who is denied embarkation on the grounds of his or her disability or reduced mobility and any person accompanying this person will be offered the right to reimbursement or re-routing as provided for in Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 (click here for the text setting out these rights) provided that all safety requirements are met. (click here for Regulations concerning the carriage of passengers with reduced mobility or blind/vision impaired passengers).

Article 6 – Check-in, boarding & seating

6.1 All flights operate with allocated seating, we reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, safety or security reasons.

6.2 All passengers are required to check-in online via and print or download a boarding pass except Flexi Plus fares which include free airport check-in (for more information on the use of mobile boarding passes click here),

Online check-in opens 60 days before each scheduled flight departure time for customers who purchase an allocated seat. Customers can be allocated a seat free of charge if they check-in online between 4 days and 2 hours before each booked flight.

Once a passenger has checked in online they can reprint or download their boarding pass up to two (2) hours before each scheduled flight departure time. Each Boarding Pass must be printed and presented on an individual A4 page or accessed via the Ryanair app .Customers who fail to check-in online within the above deadlines (except Flexi Plus customers) will be charged an Airport Check-In fee at the rate set out in our Consolidated Table of Fees. Customers who do not present a boarding pass at the airport (paper or mobile) will be charged a Boarding Pass Re-Issue fee at rate set out in our Consolidated Table of Fees

Effective from October 2016 for an adult travelling with children under 12 (excl. infants) – it will become mandatory for one adult in the booking to reserve a seat. All children under 12 in the same booking will receive a reserved seat free of charge. This ensures parents and young children sit together during the flight. This will also allow you to check-in for your flight 60 days before departure. It will not be mandatory for any other adults or teenagers in the booking ro reserve a seat, however they may choose to do so.

6.3 If you fail to present a valid Boarding Pass (paper or mobile) at airport security or at the boarding gate and there is sufficient time to re-issue you with an alternative form of Boarding Pass, you will be charged a Boarding Pass re-issue fee at the rate set out in our Consolidated Table of Fees. All passengers departing from Moroccan airports must present their paper Boarding Pass at the local airport check-in facility.

6.4 All non-EU/EEA citizens must have their travel documents checked and stamped at the Ryanair Visa/Travel Document Check Desk before going through airport security.

6.5 Any applicable Checked Baggage fees and/or excess baggage charges must be paid and your Checked Baggage deposited at a Bag-Drop desk no later than forty (40) minutes prior to scheduled departure. Standard opening of Bag-Drop desks is two hours before scheduled departure.

6.6 You must produce valid travel documentation matching the details on your Boarding Pass for all flights both at airport security and at the boarding gate.

6.7 You should be at the boarding gate at least thirty (30) minutes prior to scheduled departure. Boarding closes twenty (20) minutes prior to departure. If you arrive later than this at the boarding gate you will not be accepted for travel. For travel on a later flight, you will be required either to make and pay for a new reservation or to pay the Missed Departure Fee (only available to passengers less than 40 minutes before and up to 1 hour after the flight departure time) to move to the next available flight at the level set out in our Table of Fees.

6.8 If you have purchased “Priority Boarding”(click here for Regulations concerning Priority Boarding) and report to the boarding gate no less than thirty (30) minutes prior to flight departure you will be able to proceed towards the aircraft before passengers who have not. Some passengers may be required on heavily booked flights to place carry on bags in the aircraft hold. Please ensure that you remove any valuables from your carry-on bag at the boarding gate if it is required to be placed in the  aircraft hold. Passengers who have purchased Priority Boarding will not be asked to place their cabin bag in the aircraft hold, unless necessary due to operational reasons.

6.9 You must not carry hot drinks aboard the aircraft or consume your own alcohol on board.

6.10 You may not smoke in any part of an aircraft operated by us. Failure to adhere to this stipulation may result in severe criminal penalties being brought against you as well as all disruption costs being claimed against you.

6.11 We will not be liable to you for any loss or expense incurred due to your failure to comply with Articles 6.1 to 6.6 above.

6.12 Passengers who do not wish to print off a boarding pass may avail of our mobile boarding pass service.

Article 7 – Refusal of carriage

7.1.1 We may refuse to conclude a contract of carriage with you or your Baggage if we have notified you in writing that we would not at any time after the date of such notice carry you on our flights.

7.1.2 We may also refuse to carry you or your Baggage if one or more of the following have occurred or we reasonably believe may occur: such action is necessary in order to comply with any applicable government laws, regulations, or orders; the carriage of you or your Baggage may endanger or affect the safety, health, or materially affect the comfort of other passengers or crew; your mental or physical state or attitude, behaviour or demeanour, including your impairment from alcohol or drugs, presents a hazard or risk to yourself, to passengers, to crew, or to property; you have committed misconduct on a previous flight, and we have reason to believe that such conduct may be repeated; you have refused to submit to a security check; you have not paid the applicable fare, taxes, fees or charges; you owe us any money in respect of a previous flight owing to payment having been dishonoured, denied or recharged against us; you do not appear to have valid travel documents, may seek to enter a country through which you may be in transit, or for which you do not have valid travel documents, destroy your travel documents during flight or refuse to surrender your travel documents to the flight crew, against receipt, when so requested; you cannot prove that you are the person named in the Boarding Pass; you fail to observe our instructions with respect to safety or security. you have smoked, or attempted to smoke, on a previous flight with us.

If we have, in the reasonable exercise of our discretion under this Article 7.1.2 refused to carry you on the basis of any of the above, or have removed you en route, we may cancel the remaining unused portion of your Ticket and you will not be entitled to further carriage. We will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage alleged due to any such refusal to carry

Article 8 – Baggage

8.1 Article 8 – Baggage and Prohibited Items

You may check in up to three pieces of  Checked Baggage for a fee (click here for Regulations concerning Checked Baggage) and may carry two items of Cabin Baggage free of charge into the aircraft cabin (click here for our Regulations concerning Cabin Baggage), subject always to the conditions and limitations set out in these Terms & Conditions of Carriage and the  Regulations on Cabin and Checked Baggage.

8.2 Excess baggage and carriage of certain items

You will be required to pay a charge for the carriage of Checked Baggage in excess of your personal Checked Baggage allowance and for any sports equipment, musical instruments and certain other items which we may elect to carry, all subject to our rates, conditions and limitations (click here for Regulations concerning Checked Baggage). 

8.3 Cabin and Unchecked baggage

8.3.1 You may carry one large cabin bag per passenger (no allowance for infants travelling on their parent’s lap) weighing up to 10kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus one  small cabin bag of up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms (click here for Regulations concerning Cabin Baggage).

If you purchased Priority Boarding (including a Flexi, Flexi Plus or Family Plus ticket), you may carry on board the small and the large piece of Cabin Baggage, unless operational reasons require us to place the large cabin bag in the hold.

If you are travelling on a Standard ticket, due to space restrictions the large cabin bag will be placed into the hold at the boarding gate as Checked Baggage at no additional charge. The Regulations on Cabin Baggage apply.

Extra/oversized Baggage will be refused at the boarding gate, or where available, placed in the hold of the aircraft for a fee at the level set out in our Regulations (click here for Regulations concerning Cabin Baggage). Ryanair accepts no responsibility for oversized or excess Baggage which is refused at the boarding gate and subsequently abandoned by you.

The carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels into the security restricted area of an airport and onboard aircraft is controlled in accordance with current EU Security Requirements.

8.3.2 Objects which we deem unsuitable for carriage in the aircraft hold (such as delicate but small musical instruments, wedding dresses, hat boxes, etc.), may nevertheless be accepted for carriage in the cabin if they can be safely and conveniently secured into an extra seat which you have purchased for the specific purpose of same. To book an extra seat for such an item the word “ITEM SEAT” must be entered as the last name and “EXTRA” entered as the first name. EXTRA ITEM SEAT will then be displayed both in the reservation and on the on-line Boarding Pass. The accompanying passenger’s travel document details must be entered during the on-line check-in process. There is no Checked or cabin Unchecked Baggage allowance associated with the purchase of an extra seat.  Reserved seating in emergency rows 1,16 and 17 may not be purchased if you have purchased an extra seat for item/comfort (click here for Regulations concerning Cabin Baggage).

8.3.3  You may carry electronic cigarettes on board but are strictly forbidden to use electronic cigarettes or any other type of cigarette on board the aircraft.

8.3.4 You may carry “smart” bags (bags which contain lithium batteries within them to enable the user to track and weigh their bag and to charge items from the USB port) as cabin baggage provided you remove the lithium battery before placing it in the overhead locker. The battery must remain with you at all times

8.4 Checked baggage

8.4.1 You are prohibited from carrying items under 8.9 (Prohibited items).

8.4.2 You must not include in Checked Baggage money, jewellery, precious metals, keys, cameras, Personal Electronic Devices (PED)*, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, electronic cigarettes, watches, spare lithium batteries*, medicines, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, , negotiable papers, securities, cigarettes, tobacco or tobacco products or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples.

*In exceptional circumstances where a large, lithium battery powered PED cannot be carried in the passenger cabin (e.g. due to its size), and therefore has to be carried in checked baggage, passengers must ensure:

The item is completely switched off and effectively protected from accidental activation.The device is never powered on during its transport.Any application, alarm or pre-set configuration that may activate it shall be disabled or deactivated;The item is protected from the risk of accidental damage by applying suitable packaging or casing or by being placed in a rigid bag protected by adequate cushioning (e.g. clothing); The item is not carried in the same baggage together with flammable material (e.g. perfumes, aerosols, etc.);

8.4.3 You may carry “smart” bags (bags which contain lithium batteries within them to enable the user to track and weigh their bag and to charge items from the USB port) as checked baggage provided you remove the lithium battery before handing the bag to ground staff at the baggage drop-desk or the gate. You must take the battery on board with you.

8.4.4 Upon delivery to us of your Baggage which you wish to check we will take custody of, and issue a Baggage Identification Tag for, each piece of your Checked Baggage.

8.4.5 Checked Baggage must have your name or other personal identification affixed to it.

8.4.6 Checked Baggage will, whenever possible, be carried on the same aircraft as you, unless we decide for safety, security or operational reasons to carry it on an alternative flight. If your Checked Baggage is carried on a subsequent flight we will deliver it to you, unless applicable law requires you to be present for customs clearance.

8.4.7 The following items must be checked in: any blunt instrument capable of causing injury, including tennis rackets, baseball and softball bats, clubs or batons – rigid or flexible – e.g. billy clubs, blackjacks (truncheon of leather covered lead with flexible shaft), night sticks & batons, cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey and hurley sticks, lacrosse sticks, kayak and canoe paddles, skateboards, billiard, snooker and pool cues, fishing rods, martial arts equipment, e.g. knuckle dusters, clubs, coshes, rice flails, num-chucks, kubatons, kubasaunts.

8.4.8 Any sharp objects in Checked Baggage should be securely wrapped to prevent injury to screeners and handling personnel.

8.4.9 Pointed/edged Weapons & Sharp Objects must be carried in checked baggage; pointed or bladed articles capable of causing injury, including axes & hatchets, cleavers, arrows and darts, crampons (grappling iron, hooked bar of iron, or plate with iron spikes used in mountaineering), harpoons & spears, ice axes & ice picks, ice skates, knives with blades of more than 6 cms including lockable or flick knives, ceremonial, religious and hunting knives, made of metal or any other material strong enough to be used as a potential weapon, meat cleavers, machetes, open razors and blades (excluding safety or disposable razors with blades enclosed in cartridge), sabres, swords and swordsticks, scalpels, scissors with blades more than 6 cms as measured from the fulcrum, ski and walking/hiking poles, throwing stars, tradesman’s tools with a blade or a shaft of more than 6 cms that have the potential to be used as a pointed or edged weapon, e.g. drills and drill bits, box cutters, utility knives, all saws, screwdrivers, chisels, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches/spanners, blow torches.

8.4.10 The carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels into the security restricted area of an airport and onboard aircraft is controlled in accordance with current EU Security Requirements.

8.5 Collection and delivery of checked baggage

8.5.1 Subject to Article 8.4.5, you are required to collect your Checked Baggage as soon as it is made available at your destination. Should you not collect it within a reasonable time, we may charge you a storage fee. Should your Checked Baggage not be claimed within three (3) months of the time it is made available, we may dispose of it without any liability to you.

8.5.2 Only the bearer of the Baggage Identification Tag is entitled to delivery of the Checked Baggage.

8.5.3 If a person claiming Checked Baggage is unable to produce and/or identify the Baggage by means of a Baggage Identification Tag, we will deliver the Baggage to such person only on condition that he or she establishes to our satisfaction his or her right to the Baggage.

8.6 Animals, cargo and human ashes

8.6.1 We do not carry animals or cargo on our flights except for guide dogs on certain routes. (click here for Regulations concerning acceptance of assistance animals)

8.6.2 The carriage of ashes is permitted as cabin baggage, and may be carried in addition to your single permitted piece of normal cabin baggage provided that a copy of the death certificate and the cremation certificate accompanies them. You must ensure that the ashes are securely packaged in a suitable container with a screw top lid and protected against breakage.

8.7 Right to refuse carriage

8.7.1 We will refuse to carry as Baggage the items prohibited by Articles 8.3 and 8.9.7, and refuse further carriage of any such items upon discovery.

8.7.2 We may refuse to accept Baggage for carriage unless it is in our reasonable opinion properly and securely packed in suitable containers.

8.8 Right of search

8.8.1 For reasons of safety and security we may request that you permit a search and scan of your person and a search, scan or x-ray of your baggage. If you are not available, your baggage may be searched in your absence for the principal purpose of determining whether you are in possession of or whether your baggage contains any item described in Articles 8.3 above or 8.10 below.

8.8.2 If you are unwilling to comply with such request we may refuse to carry you and your baggage. In the event of that search or scan causes damage to you, or an x-ray or scan causes damage to your baggage, we shall not be liable for such damage unless due to our fault or negligence.

8.9 Prohibited Items

Passengers are prohibited from carrying the following items into either airport security restricted areas or Cabin Baggage or Checked Baggage:

8.9.1 Explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including, ammunition, blasting caps, detonators and fuses, replica or imitation explosive devices, mines, grenades of all types and other explosive military stores, fireworks and other pyrotechnics, smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives. Gas & gas containers e.g. propane, butane. Flammable liquids, including gasoline, methanol, flammable solids and reactive substances, including magnesium, firelighters, fireworks, flares, smoke generating canisters/cartridges, other pyrotechnics, aerosol spray paint, turpentine & paint thinner, alcoholic beverages exceeding 70% by volume (140% proof). Oxidizers and organic peroxides, including bleach, car body repair kits. Toxic or infectious substances, including rat poison, infected blood, radioactive material, including medicinal or commercial isotopes. Corrosives, including mercury, vehicle batteries, vehicle fuel system components which have contained fuel, Edible Oil (e.g Olive oil) exceeding 1 litre in volume. Lithium ion battery-powered vehicles (including segways and hoverboards) other than wheelchairs/mobility equipment that comply with Ryanair’s Regulations on Specific Subjects (click here), lithium ion battery-powered devices that exceed 160 watt hours, smart bags which don’t allow the removal of the lithium battery.

8.9.2 Guns, Firearms & Weapons; any object capable, or appearing capable, of discharging a projectile or causing injury, including all firearms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc.) Replica and imitation firearms, Component parts of firearms (excluding telescopic sighting devices & sights), air pistols, rifles and pellet guns. Signal flare pistols, Starter pistols, Toy guns of all types, compressed air and CO2 guns such as pistols, pellet guns, rifles, ball bearing guns, industrial bolt and nail guns, cross bows, bows, sling shots, catapults, harpoon and spear guns, Animal humane killers, stun or shocking devices, e.g. stun guns, tasers, stun batons, cattle prods, ballistic conducted energy weapons (laser), lighters shaped like a firearm.

8.9.3 Chemical and Toxic Substances: any chemical or toxic substances which pose a risk to the health of passengers and crew or the security/ safety of aircraft or property, including: acids and alkalis, e.g. spillable “wet” batteries, corrosive or bleaching substances – e.g. mercury, chlorine, disabling or incapacitating chemical, gases and sprays- e.g. mace, pepper spray, capsicum, tear gas, acid sprays, animal repellent sprays, radioactive material – e.g. medicinal or commercial isotopes, poisons, infectious or biological hazardous material – e.g. infected blood, bacteria and viruses, material capable of spontaneous ignition or combustion, fire extinguishers (excepting as authorised by fire protocols and as aircraft emergency equipment).

8.9.4 Paints, Christmas crackers, energy saving light bulbs, items with internal combustion engines including, but not limited to, chainsaws, model aircraft and lawnmowers.

8.9.5 Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft.

8.9.6 Items the carriage of which is prohibited by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state to be flown from or to.

8.9.7 Items which are reasonably considered by us to be unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous, unsafe or by reason of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or perishable having regard to, among other things, the type of aircraft being used.

8.9.8 Fish, game or hunting trophies.

8.9.9 If, despite being prohibited, any items referred to in this Article are included in your Cabin or Checked Baggage, we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such items.

Article 9 – Schedules, cancellations, delays and diversions

9.1 Schedules

9.1.1 The flight timings shown on your Confirmation/Itinerary or elsewhere may change between the date of reservation and the date of travel.

9.1.2 When we accept your booking, we will notify you of the scheduled flight timings in effect as of that time, and it will be shown on your Confirmation/Itinerary. It is possible we may need to change the scheduled flight timings after you have booked your flight. If you provide us with your e-mail address and an away contact number, we will endeavour to notify you of any changes by such means. In the situations not covered by Article 9.2 below, if, after you make your reservation, but before the date of travel, we change the scheduled departure time by more than three hours and this is unacceptable to you and we are unable to book you on an alternative flight which is acceptable to you, you will be entitled to a refund for all monies paid in respect of the time changed flight.

9.2 Cancellations and delays

9.2.1 Except as otherwise provided by the Convention or Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004,  if we cancel a flight, fail to operate a flight reasonably according to schedule or cease to operate a route, we shall, at your option, either: carry you at the earliest opportunity on another of our scheduled services on which space is available between the same routing points or, alternatively and exceptionally, and subject to specific agreement with you and to the exclusion of any other obligation, arrange for you to travel on one or more of our scheduled flights without making any additional charge either (i) via another airport served by us to your destination airport or (ii) from an alternate airport served by us to your destination airport or (iii) from your airport of origin to an alternate airport served by us within the same country as your original destination or (iv) from an alternate airport served by us to an alternate destination airport within the same country as your original destination; or carry you on the same route to your final destination at a later date at your convenience subject to seat availability; or make a refund in accordance with the provisions of Article 10.2.

9.2.2 If your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, we will provide you with the text stating your rights, particularly with regard to compensation and assistance. (click here for the text setting out these rights)

9.3 Diversions

If, for reasons outside our control, we are unable to land at the airport at your destination and are diverted so as to land at another airport then the carriage by air shall, unless the aircraft continues to the original destination, be deemed to be completed when the aircraft arrives at that other airport. We shall, however, arrange or designate alternative transportation, whether by our own services or by other means of transportation specified by us to carry you to the original destination as set out in your Confirmation/Itinerary without additional cost.

9.4 Denied boarding compensation

If we are unable to provide previously confirmed space, we shall provide compensation to those Passengers denied boarding on our flights in accordance with applicable law. If you are denied boarding we will provide you with the text stating your rights, particularly with regard to compensation and assistance (click here for the text setting out these rights).

Article 10 – Refunds

10.1 Non-refundability

Except as provided in Articles 4.2, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 of these Terms & Conditions, all monies paid for flights operated by ourselves (incl. all monies paid for optional services provided by ourselves) are non-refundable.

10.2 Involuntary refunds

Except as otherwise provided by the Convention or Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 (click here for the text setting out these rights), if we cancel a flight, fail to operate a flight reasonably according to schedule or cease to operate a route, we shall make a refund to you in respect of each sector shown in the Confirmation/Itinerary which has not been utilised for any of these reasons.  The amount of refund shall be equal to the fare paid plus any associated taxes, fees and charges paid.

10.3 Death of an immediate family member who is not travelling

In the case of a bereavement of an immediate family member (spouse, civil partner, mother, father (including step parents), mother/father in law, brother, sister (including step siblings), brother/sister in law, child (including step child), grandparent or grandchild) within 28 days of intended travel we will, upon application made as soon as reasonably practicable but in any event by the proposed date of travel and accompanied by a copy of the applicable death certificate, make a refund in line with Article 10.2. Click here to apply for a refund.

10.4 Death or serious illness of a booked passenger

In the event of the serious illness of a passenger making it impossible to travel (or death), the reservations of the affected passenger and of persons travelling on the same booking reference may, at our discretion, be refunded or, as appropriate, modified by our waiving any restriction or fee on changing flights upon suitable documentary evidence produced to us in advance of the date of travel. Please click here to apply for a refund.

Article 11 – Conduct aboard aircraft

11.1 General

If, in our reasonable opinion, you conduct yourself aboard the aircraft so as to endanger the aircraft or any person or property on board, or obstruct the crew in the performance of their duties, or fail to comply with any instructions of the crew including but not limited to those with respect to smoking, alcohol or drug consumption, or behave in a manner which we reasonably believe may cause or does cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other passengers or the crew, we may take such measures as we deem reasonably necessary to prevent continuation of such conduct, including restraint. You may be disembarked and refused onward carriage at any point, and may be prosecuted for offences committed on board the aircraft.

11.2 Portable electronic devices

Small portable electronic devices (weighing less than 1 kilo) may be used during all stages of a flight if Flight Mode is selected. For safety reasons, laptops and larger portable electronic devices must be stowed during taxi, take-off and landing or at any other time as requested by the Captain.

Any device that transmits or receives communications whichdoes not have a flight mode, must be switched off for the duration of the flight.

The operation of hearing aids and heart pacemakers is permitted.

Article 12 – Additional services

When the services of any third party offering to provide services other than carriage by air (such as rail and coach transfers, hotel or hostel reservations, car rental, parking services or airport security fast track services) are promoted either on or in any other media, these services are operated by third parties and the terms and conditions of the third party service provider will apply. We are not responsible for the correct performance or otherwise of these third party suppliers and in particular are not responsible for late, cancelled or incorrectly featured transfer information.

Article 13 – Administrative formalities

13.1 General

13.1.1 You are responsible for obtaining all required travel documents and visas and for complying with all laws, regulations, orders, demands and travel requirements of countries to be flown from, into or through which you transit.

13.1.2 We shall not be liable for the consequences to any Passenger resulting from his or her failure to obtain such documents or visas or to comply with such laws, regulations, orders, demands, requirements, rules or instructions.

13.2 Travel documents

Prior to travel, you must present all exit, entry, health and other documents required by law, regulation, order, demand or other requirement of the countries concerned and permit us to take and retain copies thereof.  We reserve the right to refuse carriage if you have not complied with these and such other requirements as are set out in our Regulations, or your travel documents do not appear to be in order. (click here for Regulations concerning Travel Documentation).

13.3 Refusal of entry

If you are refused entry into any country due to immigration inadmissibility, you will be required to pay any fines levied against us by the Government or immigration authority concerned, plus the cost of transporting you from that country back to your point of origin or elsewhere. We will not refund any flight you are unable to use as a result of your refused entry. Any costs incurred by us on your behalf will be levied via deduction from the credit/debit card used to make the booking.

13.4 Passenger responsible for fines, detention costs, etc.

f we are required to pay or deposit any fine or penalty or incur any expenditure by reason of your failure to comply with laws, regulations, orders, demands or other travel requirements of the countries concerned, you shall reimburse us on demand, any amount paid or expenditure incurred. We may apply towards such payment or expenditure the value of any unused flights, or any of your funds in our possession e.g. gift vouchers, credit vouchers, etc.  Any costs incurred by us on your behalf will be levied via deduction from the credit/debit card used to make the booking. We also reserve the right to raise debits against the card used for payment in your reservation if an administrative error occurs.

13.5 Customs inspection

If required, you shall attend inspection of your Baggage, by customs or other governmental or airport authorities. We are not liable to you for any loss or damage suffered by you in the course of such inspection or through your failure to comply with this requirement.

13.6 Security inspection

You shall submit to any security checks by duly authorised representatives of governments or airport authorities or by us.

13.7 Fraud

13.7 Payments must be authorised by the cardholder named in the booking.  We withhold the right to cancel your booking without prior notice if we reasonably suspect that you or the cardholder are associated with any kind of fraudulent activity.  Such suspicion may be based on the following activities:

13.7.1 You cannot present the card used to make the booking at the airport, if asked to do so;

13.7.2 You cannot provide, when questioned, contact information for the cardholder so that we may carry out security checks;

13.7.3 The cardholder did not authorise the payment and claims that the booking is fraudulent;

13.7.4 There has been previous fraudulent activity/chargebacks by you or the cardholder;

13.7.5 Information given while booking is erroneous/inadequate/inconsistent/linked to fraudulent behaviour; or

13.7.6 There have been multiple payment attempts with inconsistent data entered.

Article 14 – Liability for damage

14.1 International travel, as defined in the Convention, is subject to the liability rules of the Convention and European Union Council Regulation No.2027/97 (as amended by Regulation No. 889/2002) which are summarised as an attachment to these Terms & Conditions. Additionally, our liability will be determined by these Terms & Conditions of Carriage.

14.2 There are no financial limits to our liability for death, wounding or any other bodily injury suffered by a Passenger. We have strict liability up to 113,100 SDRs unless we can prove that the damage was caused by, or contributed to by, the negligence of the injured or deceased Passenger. For claims in excess of this limit, we may be exonerated if we can prove that we and our agents took all necessary measures to avoid the damage or that it was impossible for us or them to take such measures.

14.3 We will without delay, and in any event not later than fifteen (15) days after the identity of the natural person entitled to compensation has prima facie been established, make such advance payments as may be required to meet immediate economic needs on a basis proportional to the hardship suffered. Such payment shall not be less than 16,000 SDRs per Passenger in the event of death. Making an advance payment shall not constitute recognition of liability and may be offset against any subsequent settlement. Advance payments made hereunder shall not be returnable unless:

14.3.1 we prove that the Damage was caused by, or contributed to by, the negligence of the injured or deceased Passenger; or

14.3.2 where it is subsequently proved that the person who received the advance payment was not the person entitled to compensation; or

14.3.3 it is subsequently proved that the person who received the advance payment caused, or contributed to, the Damage by negligence.

14.4 Subject to Articles 14.2 and 14.3 above, our liability provisions are as follows:

14.4.1 Any liability we have for Damage, will be reduced by any negligence on your part which causes or contributes to the Damage in accordance with applicable law.

14.4.2 We will not be liable for Damage to Unchecked Baggage unless such Damage is caused by our negligence.

14.4.3 We are not liable for any Damage arising from our compliance with applicable laws or Government rules and regulations, or from your failure to comply with the same.

14.4.4 Our liability in the case of Damage to Baggage shall be limited to 1,131 SDRs (or equivalent) per passenger unless you have had a declaration of higher value by check-in at the latest and paid a supplementary fee.

14.4.5 Except where other specific provision is made in these Terms & Conditions, we shall be liable to you only for recoverable compensatory damages for proven losses and costs in accordance with the Convention.

14.4.6 We are not liable for any Damage caused by your Baggage. You shall be responsible for any Damage caused by your Baggage to other persons or property, including our property.

14.4.7 We are liable for Damage sustained in case of destruction, loss of, or damage to, Checked Baggage upon condition only that the event which caused the destruction, loss or damage took place on board the aircraft or during any period within which the Checked Baggage was in our charge.  However, we are not liable if and to the extent that the Damage resulted from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the Baggage.  We shall have no liability whatsoever for damage to articles not permitted to be contained in Checked Baggage under Article 8.3 above which are reasonably considered by us to be unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous, unsafe or by reason of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or perishable having regard to, among other things, the type of aircraft being used. In the case of Unchecked Baggage, including personal items, we are liable only if the Damage resulted from our fault or that of our servants or agents.See Article 8.10 for items not permitted in the cabin and/or aircraft hold.

14.4.8 We are not responsible for any illness, injury or disability, including death, attributable to your physical condition or for the aggravation of such condition.

14.4.9 These Terms & Conditions of Carriage and their exclusions or limits of liability, applies to our servants, employees and representatives to the same extent as they apply to us. The total amount recoverable from us and from such employees, representatives and persons shall not exceed the amount of our own liability, if any.

14.4.10 Nothing in these Terms & Conditions of Carriage shall waive any exclusion or limitation of our liability under the Convention or applicable laws unless otherwise expressly stated.

14.5 Pursuant to Article 22 of the Convention, if you or your Checked Baggage suffer a delay in the carriage by air, we shall not be liable for Damage occasioned by a delay if we prove that we or our servants and agents took all measures that could reasonably be required to avoid such Damage or that it was impossible for us or them to take such measures. If we are liable for Damage occasioned by delay, except for cases of gross negligence Our liability for such Damage is limited as follows:

14.5.1 for Damage caused by delay in the carriage of Passengers, our liability is limited to 4,694 SDRs for each Passenger.

14.5.2 for Damage caused by delay in the carriage of Baggage, our liability is limited to 1,131 SDRs for each Passenger.

Article 15 – Claims Procedure

15.1 Notice of claims

15.1.1 For the purpose of a claim under 15.1.2, acceptance of Checked Baggage by the bearer of the Baggage Identification Tag, without complaint at the time of delivery, is prima facie evidence that it has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage.

15.1.2 If you wish to file a claim or an action regarding Damage to Checked Baggage, you must write and complain as soon as possible. In the case of Damage to Checked Baggage, you must write and complain within seven (7) Days and in the case of delay within twenty-one (21) Days, in both cases from the date on which the Baggage was placed at your disposal.

15.2 EU261 Compensation Claims

15.2.1 This Article applies to claims for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.

15.2.2 Passengers must submit claims directly to Ryanair and allow Ryanair 28 days or such time as prescribed by applicable law (whichever is the lesser) to respond directly to them before engaging third parties to claim on their behalf. Claims may be submitted here

15.2.3 Ryanair will not process claims submitted by a third party if the passenger concerned has not submitted the claim directly to Ryanair and allowed Ryanair time to respond, in accordance with Article 15.2.2 above.

15.2.4 Articles 15.2.2 and 15.2.3 above will not apply to passengers who do not have the capacity to submit claims themselves. The legal guardian of a passenger who lacks capacity may submit a claim to Ryanair on their behalf. Ryanair may request evidence that the legal guardian has authority to submit a claim on the passenger’s behalf.

15.2.5 A passenger may submit a claim to Ryanair on behalf of other passengers on the same booking. Ryanair may request evidence that the passenger has the consent of other passengers on the booking to submit a claim on their behalf.

15.2.6 In any event, save for Article 15.2.4 and 15.2.5 above, Ryanair will not process claims submitted by a third party unless the claim is accompanied by appropriate documentation duly evidencing the authority of the third party to act on behalf of the passenger.

15.2.7 Passengers are not prohibited by this clause from consulting legal or other third party advisers before submitting their claim directly to Ryanair.

15.2.8 In accordance with Ryanair’s procedures, any payment or refund will be made to the payment card used to make the booking or to the bank account of a passenger on the booking. Ryanair may request evidence that the bank account is held by the passenger concerned.

15.3 Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you may be able to refer your complaint to AviationADR (previously known as The Retail Ombudsman) within 12 months of our final response for a review. AviationADR is an independent and impartial airline dispute resolution scheme. This service is free to passengers. Their details are as follows: AviationADR, Airline Dispute Resolution, 33 Floor Euston Towers, 286 Euston Road, London NW1 3DP; Telephone +44 (0) 203 540 8063; [email protected]

We will accept your complaint via the contact details above, however you may also submit a complaint via the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution platform at