When you book a flight with Norwegian, you agree to our General Conditions of Carriage for passengers and baggage.
22 January 2018
Article 1: Definitions
Agreed Stopping Places
Those places, except the place of departure and the final destination, specified on your Ticket or in our timetables as stopping places on your Itinerary.
Airline Designator Code
The two or three characters or letters used to identify an airline and its flight. For example, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA’s airline designator code is “DY”, “D8” or “DI”.
Authorised Agent
A sales agent authorised by us to sell our services.
Personal belongings including assistive devices that the passenger brings with them on their journey. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, this includes both Checked Baggage and Hand Baggage.
Baggage Check
That part of the Baggage Identification Tag that you are given as your receipt for Checked Baggage.
Baggage Identification Tag
The document issued by the Carrier solely to identify Checked Baggage.
A Booking request made by you or on your behalf, and accepted by us for travel on our flights.
Booking Reference
The unique code comprising of six characters (letter and numeric), provided by us and used to identify your confirmed Booking.
Checked Baggage
All Baggage for which we have taken responsibility for, and for which, in that connection, we have issued a Baggage Check.
Connecting Flight
Two or more flight sectors that make up a one way journey sold by us as one Booking.
Contact Centre
Our booking and customer service call centre. Phone numbers for the Contact Centre are published on our Website.
We comply with all applicable laws, verdicts, conventions and regulations.
Includes death, personal injury, loss, partial loss, theft or other damage arising out of, or in connection with, air carriage.
Calendar days. Includes all seven (7) days of the week. For the purposes of changes or notification, the day on which the change or notice was received/sent will not be counted. For the purposes of deciding whether a Ticket is valid, the day on which the Ticket was issued or the flight commenced will not be counted.
Electronic Coupon
An electronic flight coupon for an Electronic Ticket held in our computer database, which displays the places of departure and destination between which you are entitled to be carried.
Electronic Ticket
A ticket issued electronically comprising of Electronic Coupons.
The applicable price we have set for a Booking.
Fare Rules
The additional conditions which dictate the flexibility and services for transport relating to the Booking.
Force Majeure
An unusual and unforeseen event beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable due care and attention had been exercised.
General Conditions of Carriage
These General Conditions of Carriage.
Hand Baggage
All Baggage and personal items, or other articles (not included in Checked Baggage) accompanying you on your flight.
A document or documents issued to you by us or our Authorised Agents, detailing your flight with us.
Optional Services
Other services, such as Checked Baggage, that is not included in the Fare applicable to the Fare Rules of the Booking.
All rules and declarations, with the exception of these General Conditions of Carriage, that we have laid down and applicable on the day the Booking was confirmed and applicable to the carriage of you and your Baggage, including the applicable Fares on that day.
Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund.
The published Fares and/or conditions of carriage of a carrier which has filed such a “tariff”, where required, with the appropriate authorities.
A valid document which entitles you to travel on our flights, being either an Electronic Ticket or another document issued by us or on our behalf after the Booking is confirmed and before boarding, including a Baggage Check.
Voluntary Disembarkations
A disembarkation during your journey, requested by you, at a stopping place between the place of departure and the final destination, accepted by us in advance.
you, your, the passenger, the customer
Any person and any infant travelling with you, with the exception of crew members, who is carried or is to be carried on an aircraft pursuant to a Ticket.
we, us, our, the Carrier, Norwegian
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
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Article 2: Applicability
2.1 General
2.1.1 These General Conditions of Carriage are our conditions of carriage to which reference is made on our Tickets, electronic booking documentation or Website. Except where clauses 2.3 and 2.4 say otherwise, they will apply to all carriage of you and your Baggage performed by us, and to other services provided by us, whether paid for or otherwise. The General Conditions of Carriage supplement our Rules stated on the Ticket, electronic booking documentation or our Website.
2.1.2 The General Conditions of Carriage will also apply to complementary or reduced Fare carriage unless specified otherwise in these conditions, Booking, Ticket, or the electronic booking documentation for the carriage.
2.2 Charter
If the carriage is provided as a consequence of a contract concluded with a charter company, these General Conditions of Carriage will apply only insofar as they do not conflict with the conditions specified in the contract with the chartering company.
2.3 Mandatory statutory provisions
We are subject to national and international Conventions and regulations when transporting our customers. Our General Conditions of Carriage will apply insofar as they do not conflict with applicable Tariffs or Conventions. In those cases where an inconsistency exists between our General Conditions of Carriage and applicable Tariffs and Conventions, the Tariffs and/or Conventions will always take precedence over our General Conditions of Carriage.
2.4 The precedence of the General Conditions of Carriage over our other Rules
In those cases where an inconsistency exists between our other Rules and the General Conditions of Carriage, the latter will take precedence. The English version of the General Conditions of Carriage is the original text, and any versions in other languages are a translation of this. In the event of an inconsistency between the English version and any other translated versions, the original English version will take precedence.
2.5 Governing Law
Except as otherwise provided by applicable international Conventions or international or national laws and regulations that are compulsory, your contract of carriage, our General Conditions of Carriage, Tariffs and Rules shall be governed by the laws of Norway.
Article 3: Tickets
3.1 General
The Ticket constitutes proof that a contract has been concluded between us and the passenger whose name is stated on the Ticket. If a Ticket has not been issued, the Booking and consequent payment will constitute proof that a contract has been concluded. In these circumstances, the General Conditions of Carriage will apply.
3.2 Your right to carriage
3.2.1 You will only be accepted for carriage on our flights if you have been issued a Ticket or your Booking has been accepted pursuant to the conditions specified in Article 6.
3.2.2 We will only provide carriage to the person whose name is stated on the Ticket. You must present valid identification identical to the name on the Ticket on demand in accordance with the rules specified in Article 15. If you cannot present valid identification or the necessary travel documents, e.g. passport or visa, on demand, we reserve the right to refuse you carriage.
3.3 Transferability
3.3.1 Unless you are permitted to do so according to the applicable Fare Rules, you may not transfer the Booking. The passenger name, route and destination can be changed on a Ticket in return for the applicable charges and any difference in Fare.
3.3.2 If a Ticket is presented by a person other than the person whose name is stated on the Ticket or Booking, and we unknowingly undertake the carriage of such a person, we may not be held liable in relation to the passenger whose name is stated on the Ticket or Booking.
3.4 Non-issue of Ticket
If we choose not to issue a Ticket, the General Conditions of Carriage will apply to the passenger whose name is stated on the Booking.
3.5 Validity
3.5.1 A Ticket or Booking is only valid if it corresponds with a confirmation issued, as described in clause 6.1.
3.5.2 The Ticket or Booking is valid for the date of travel specified on the Ticket or Booking and cannot be extended unless the Booking is changed in accordance with the applicable Fare Rules.
3.6 Our name and address
Our name may be abbreviated to Airline Designator Code on the Ticket. Our address is PO Box 115, 1330 Fornebu, Norway. Please also see our Website for more details of how to contact us.
Article 4: Voluntary Disembarkations
4.1 General
We may permit you to disembark from the aircraft at Agreed Stopping Places, if local authorities and our General Conditions of Carriage so permit.
Article 5: Fares, Taxes and Charges
5.1 Fares
5.1.1 The Fare will only apply to carriage between the place of departure and the final destination, unless specifically stated to otherwise. Fares do not include ground transport between airports or between airports and ground terminals. Fares are calculated according to the available Fares on the day the Booking is confirmed for a journey on a particular day and according to a particular Itinerary. Changes to itineraries or travel dates may result in changes to Fares.
5.1.2 All additional charges for Optional Services will be specified in separate transactions.
5.2 Valid Fares
The valid Fares are those that apply at the time a Booking is made. Fares may vary due to the number of seats still available in any given Fare category, and we do not guarantee that Fares will be available in all categories. All Fares are subject to availability.
5.3 Taxes and charges
The applicable taxes and charges imposed by government authorities or airport authorities must be paid by you. If taxes or charges are abolished or reduced so that they no longer apply to your journey on the day of departure, you may claim for reimbursement by contacting us directly.
5.4 Currency
Fares and taxes must be paid in the currency stated by us at the time the Booking is made.
5.5 Value added tax (VAT)
All Fares and charges for Optional Services for domestic flights include local VAT rates.
5.6 Service charge and credit card surcharge
5.6.1 A service charge will apply to all Bookings made via our Contact Centre or at the airport. We may waive the service charge in instances where we do not allow you to perform such requests via our Website.
5.6.2 A surcharge may apply to Bookings made with a credit card. This will be specified at the time of Booking. This charge covers the extra cost associated with credit card payments. Under certain circumstances you may be subject to additional fees imposed by your card issuer. Any query relating to such fees must be directed to the card issuer.
Article 6: Bookings and Fare Rules
6.1 Confirmation of Booking
Bookings are confirmed and will be regarded as having been confirmed once the Booking Reference is made available. At the completion of a Booking, the Itinerary and Booking Reference will be provided.